Chairman's speech

Nantong zhenkang welding mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. carries the mission and responsibility of China's industrial development, and has realized the leap forward development from scratch, from small to large, from weak to strong. In this era of industrial development, we are constantly consolidating the "old forces" of wire feeders, but also actively developing our "new forces", that is, the birth of a new robot field RV Reducer.

Our company emphasizes teamwork, win-win cooperation, continuous rolling development and sustainable development.

The company has always been adhering to the enterprise goal of "self-improvement, innovation, realism, forge ahead".

1. Self improvement: "we must stand first, but we must follow it with bow and attention". Only by improving our products, can we stand firmly in the field. Our goal is to forge Chinese products and carry forward the national spirit.

2. Innovation: "innovation will prosper, no innovation will perish". Innovation is the source power of enterprise development and the foundation of enterprise survival and development. Our concept: constantly improve efficiency, and constantly adapt to the requirements of economic development.

3. Be realistic: "all things are people-oriented, and reality is the criterion". We firmly believe that we can be more successful and more efficient by accumulating micro and rapid achievements and making constant efforts.

4. Forge ahead: "be angry and strong, ride the wind and waves", if you have confidence, perseverance and courage, you will succeed. Our direction: to create value for society, to create more happiness and happiness for others.

The past achievements condense the painstaking efforts and sweat of all employees of the company, and the future opportunities and challenges need us to continue to make unremitting efforts to face. In the fierce market competition environment, the core parts enterprises of industrial robots are still facing a wide range of opportunities and severe challenges. We must seize the new opportunities, meet the new challenges, and promote the sustainable development of our company with a high sense of responsibility and mission. As the founder of the company, on behalf of the company, I would like to thank all employees for their efforts. Today's achievements of zhenkang are full of the hard work and sweat of all employees of the company. Zhenkang's tomorrow will be more brilliant because of you!

                                                                                                                             Chairman: Tang zikang