Never forget the original intention, lead by the party construction, help to get rid of poverty

Time:2021-04-09 Browse:37

Nantong zhenkang welding mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., a native enterprise in Zhengyu Town, is a national industry in the field of industrial robots in China. In 2018, it realized a taxable sales of 255.08 million yuan and a warehousing tax of 21.22 million yuan. What's more valuable is Tang zikang, the founder of the company, who has been enthusiastic about public welfare for many years, and has repeatedly aided poor villagers to help poor college students complete their studies. He often thinks about how to achieve targeted poverty alleviation? How to change "blood transfusion" into "blood production", diversify income structure, optimize industrial structure and strengthen economic strength of economically weak villages? When he learned that the economic strength of riverbank village in Zhengyu town was weak, and that the town Party committee and the superior assistance department wanted to increase the village's income through the development of photovoltaic projects, but they were unable to find a suitable site, he immediately took the initiative to connect with the general Party branch of riverbank village, and proposed to provide the plant of zhenkang company as the construction site free of charge. At the same time, let the enterprise electricians cooperate for free to provide daily facility maintenance. For a long time, the problem of not implementing the project due to site selection was finally solved.